Graduating in product design in 2008, Gonçalo soon after joined Fabrica, Benetton's communications research center, in the design studio. This gave him the chance to work with brands such as SecondoMe, Seletti or Zanotta.

Since 2010 has been exploring the potential of new products, and its strategic use, together with brands such as Munna, Vista Alegre, Mantecas, Wewood or Kvadrat.

Portuguese-born Gonçalo Campos, prides in finding surprising solutions, through the sound combination of materials and production methods, in a process that starts from within the object. He takes advantage of the available production methods leveraging their potential to develop ingenious and practical products. Known for a signature mix of humor and pragmatism, he collaborates with international brands, designing furniture, accessories, lighting, and consulting.


Here we function as a network between several disciplines, all joining to deliver the final product. Between model makers, photographers, visualization experts and designers, we make sure all products are the pride of the companies we work with. This allows us to go far beyond a simple sketch, enabling a good, understanding and a deep relationship with our clients.